ageLoc boost

Two minutes can change your day

When your skin looks amazing, you feel the same way, and that dull, tired look is not for you – you’re all about that gorgeous glow!

With the ageLOC Boost System, you can enjoy your skin at its brilliant best – gorgeous glow included. All we ask is two minutes of your day.

We promise, there’s no better way to spend them.

Get to know the science

The ageLOC Boost device sends intermittent, variable pulses to the skin eight times a second. The pulses are charge-balanced, so they switch from positive to negative every 2.4 seconds. When used with our Activating Serum, this optimises and activates your skin for a more youthful complexion.

Not only does its powerful formula bring a wide range of skincare benefits like brightening, plumping, and anti-ageing, but the Activating Serum also provides the essential conductivity the device needs to ensure this unique microcurrent is effectively delivered to your skin.

What’s inside the Activating Serum?

ageLOC Boost System

€370.25 €277.69

ageLOC Boost Activating Serum

€65.83 €49.37

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